Koehler Cap Lamps


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Koehler Lighting Products have been serving the mining industry for over a century. They are built with American quality and are currently the ONLY U.S. made cap lamp that carries all the major approvals of MSHA, ATEX, and ICEX.

DURABILITY – Made from polycarbonate and other rugged materials, Koehler lamps boast the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the system. The longevity of the products coupled with little to no maintenance cost; Koehler can turn the initial capital investment into a long term benefit.

FLEXABILITY – With unlimited capabilities, Koehler can integrate tracking, proximity detection, and collision avoidance within their cap lamp systems to meet the needs of the world’s mines. Koehler not only provides reliable light, but provides reliable power to operate remote controls, miner tracking, collision avoidance and proximity detection. Upgrading is simple since it is designed to be field installable.

Today, Koehler cap lamps are widely accepted as the finest in mining, in addition to being lightweight, powerful, and cost effective; they also offer the latest in LED and Lithium technology. Koehler products can be used to power today’s and tomorrow’s mining equipment and they are charged by a full array of charging options to meet your needs. Koehler continues their commitment to remain the leader in underground lighting and portable power solutions.




The Koehler Model 5300-G LED mining caplamp is the most powerful LED caplamp available today. With a lightweight Lithium-Ion belt-mounted battery the 5300-G provides 3500+ LUX and a run time of up to 28 hours! It is also approved for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations including coal mines.

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Cordless WHEAT

The highly acclaimed LI-6000 LED Cordless caplamp is one of the brightest in the market.  It weighs only 5 oz, but there is plenty of light output packed into this MSHA approved unit.  The run time of 12-14 hours on a 5 hour charge can be accomplished by existing Koehler infrastructure as well as single unit and 50 unit chargers specifically designed for the LI-6000.

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The WHEAT LI Caplamp is designed to be an ergonomic, user friendly, no maintenance alternative to the traditional Lead Acid powered caplamp system.  At the heart of this new generation Caplamp is a Lithium-Ion battery pack.  This allows it to be very small and very light weight.  In fact, it takes up only one third of the volume and weighs only 25% of our standard Lead Acid Caplamp.

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Past Models:


Mark V (5200)

5200 Series Cap Lamps feature a smaller, Lexan headpiece which provides high impact resistance and a lighter weight. Also features a fully focusable dual filament Xenon bulb and a slide type connection of head-piece to charger  Mark V. Wheat caplamps feature an intrinsically-safe battery, a specially-designed highly flexible cord, and a dual filament Xenon bulb with both filaments fully focusable. A single knob controls all switch and focusing functions. Lamps are charged through their headpieces.

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