TKZN312B AM/FM Heavy Duty Aerial 2.1m

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 TKZN312B AM/FM Heavy Duty Aerial 2.1m
Normal Price:$1.00 per Each
Product ID: TKZN312B
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Designed for mounting to the bull bar of a large 4WD, ute or car the TKZN312B super heavy duty mobile antenna is your ideal solution to boost your AM or FM reception.


Colour – Black radome

Construction – Coloured radome, aluminium ferrule, spring base

Frequency Range – AM Radio 530-1600kHz and FM Radio 87.5-108.5MHz

Tuning – Factory

Gain – Receive Only

Impedance – 50 Ohms

Polarisation – Vertical

H Plane – 360° omnidirectional

Cable – 4.5 metres RG58 low loss

Height – 2.1 metres

Weight – 1.6Kg

Product Features

Connector – ‘Easy Fit’ solderless car radio connector (supplied)

Mounting Accessories – Any bracket with minimum 12.7mm hole

Mounting Position – Vehicle bull bar (recommended)

Installation Kits Contents – Allen key, solderless connector, PVC cap, 8 cable ties