Hubbell Industrial Type 716 DC Contactor 1600A 1500V No Aux 12V Tungsten

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Hubbell Industrial Type 716 DC Contactor 1600A 1500V No Aux 12V Tungsten
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Non-polarised arc chute (series blowout coil) designed as standard
•Optional polarised arc chute (permanent magnet type) design available
•Silver alloy main contacts
•Arc chute safety interlock
•Trifurcated main contacts
•Silver-plated current-carrying parts
•High dielectric and mechanical strength

For regenerative and non-regenerative systems requiring limited interrupting capacity, the Type 716 is ideal. Applications include gas and oil well drilling equipment, transit and rail systems, adjustable speed drives, electric haul trucks, mining machinery, fuel cells, uninterruptible power supplies, and crane controls. A single pole, single throw normally open power contactor, it is rated at 1600 Ampere continuous duty at 1500 VDC in still air.

The TK 716 Contactor has a maximum interrupting rating of 2400 kW (within the limits of 2400 V maximum and 2400 A maximum) utilising a non-polarised arc interruption system.
Highly reliable and consistent main contact closure is assured by its trifurcated stationary main contact design, with wiping action. Silver alloy main contacts provide long life. Silver-plated copper terminals allow for excellent electrical connections and corrosion resistance. Non-tracking moulded glass polyester parts provide high dielectric and mechanical strength, and zinc dichromate plated non-current-carrying steel parts offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Operating coils are of moulded construction for protection from corrosion, foreign material and moisture contamination, and damaging physical abuse.
Front-accessible wear parts ease inspection, maintenance, and repair functions. A secure latch spring closure for arc chute is easily removed without the use of tools, while mechanical interlock prevents contact closure if arc chute is not properly installed.