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CAB CAB1088 - 3
Normal Price:$1.00 per Ea
Product ID: TKCB1088
Enquire about CAB CAB1088 - 3" S/S RING / S/S SADDLE (UNCOATED) FOR 3/8" CATENARY
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CAB Cable Rings provide maximum strength and safety for the support of all types of aerial cables. Rings are manufactured from galvanized steel, copper clad steel or type 316 stainless steel to withstand the most corrosive environments. For added safety and protection, any style ring can be totally insulated with a tough, 80 mil (2mm) coating of high dielectric grade PVC plastisol.

For maximum strength, CAB Cable Rings are manufactured from high tensile spring steel in rolled flat wire form. This high quality material provides a smooth, flat surface for the support of cables and rounded edges for the protection of cable jackets. This advanced roll-form design, combined with the strong spring temper of the wire, provides a tight, secure attachment of the cable ring to the messenger wire.

CAB Cable Rings are manufactured in standard, medium and long styles. Designed to tightly fit on an exact messenger wire size to prevent slippage. Medium and long style rings have extra length for bundles of cables or for running several cables independently from same messenger wire. Recommended spacing for ring sizes 1-1/2″ through 2-1/2″ (38mm through 64mm) is 15″ to 20″ (381mm to 508mm). Recommended spacing for ring sizes 3″ through 6″ (76mm through 152mm) is 12″ to 15″ (305mm to 381mm). Exact spacing varies depending on type of cable, nature of installation and loading requirements. When ordering cable rings, specify size, material, style and size of messenger strand.