Bright Star LED Lighthawk Intrinsically Safe Torches

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Bright Star LED Lighthawk Intrinsically Safe Torches
Normal Price:$1.00 per Each
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The Lighthawk Lantern was the first lantern developed with Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Technology, bringing the most reliable battery technology to the flashlight market. Long run times, fast recharge times and extremely lightweight.

Intrinsically Safe

Developed to reduce the overall weight of equipment carried into a fire scene or work place. Extremely lightweight for the hand lantern class at 1.9 lbs with a smoke piercing beam at 225 Lumens.

Trusted by the following Professions:

Designed for the demanding needs and environments of the Fire, Service, Utility and Transit markets.

  • Multi-Function Switch – Main Light and High/Low
  • Rear Signaling Light – Steady On / Flashing
  • Battery Charge Indicator: Red for Charging / Green for fully charged
  • Low Battery Indicator: When 30 minutes of run time remain, high mode automatically switches to low mode and the front beam will begin to flash 3 times every 5 minutes.