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The premium range of Stainless Steel Cable Ties provides a quick and effective way of securing cables that are in a hostile environment. A unique ball bearing locking mechanism ensures that the tie can be quickly and easily installed, but not undone. Installation is much quicker than traditional strapping systems.

Made from 316 grade non-magnetic stainless steel, the premium range of cable ties are heavy duty with an off-set tip to speed insertion of the tie. Applications include flame-proof installations, the chemical industry and long-term external exposure.


• Improved fastening system

• Resistant to most hostile environments

• Standard width and heavy duty width available

• 20 years limited warranty

• Ties packed in sturdy cardboard boxes

• Tensile strength 60kg/mm²

• Operating temperature -80°C to +500°C

• Loop tensile strength Standard range 45kg

• Heavy-duty range 110kg

Resistant to the following chemicals:

• Petrol • Benzine • Alcohol • Acetone • Sodium hydroxide • Sodium phosphate • Formic acid • Acetic acid • Sulphuric acid • Seawater

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