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H-MOSS® Occupancy Sensors Combine Innovative
Technologies for Industry Proven Performance.

Adaptive Technology
Adaptive Technology is a Hubbell breakthrough that
delivers benefits to both building owners and occupants.
The building owner achieves reduced energy costs, fewer
adjustments and less maintenance, and the building
occupant experiences fewer false-offs and disturbances.
Adaptive technology occupancy sensors use
microprocessors that make all the decisions for setting
adjustments. Internal software constantly monitors the
controlled area and automatically adjusts the sensitivity
and timer based on environmental history. This means
that instead of manually adjusting the sensor for seasonal
changes, modified airflow, furniture layout or occupancy
pattern changes, the sensor automatically adjusts itself.
These automatic adjustments eliminate the need for
multiple manual adjustments by maintenance personnel
or outside contractors. Hubbell offers adaptive technology
throughout its product offering—wall switches, ceiling and
wall mount sensors—in conjunction with dual technology,
ultrasonic and passive infrared products.


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