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Product Feature

Heat shrinkable braided sleeving consists of polyester multifilament and special modified polyolefin filament, it will shrink when exposed to heat source, this unique woven construction makes it extremely flexible, easy to install on cable or hoses with irregular shapes. Suitable for use in harsh environments, providing excellent abrasion resistance and noise reduction.


Widely used to protect cable and rubber hoses, plastic pipes, and wire harnesses from damage, and also resistance the noise and rattle suppression make it suitable in automotive and other industrial fields.

Technical data

Material: Polyolefin + Polyester

Size: 10mm – 60mm

Colour:  Black

Operating Range:  -40°C to 125°C

Maximum Shrink Temperature: 120°C

Minimum fully recovery temperature:  80°C

Flammability:  120 °C self-extinguishing 2:1

Shrinking ratio: Certificate: Tool:  RoHS , Halogen free Heat gun

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