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Exane Cable's single conductor 600 and 2000 volt cable is an extremely tough construction ideally suited for use in rugged mining / marine / oil rig applications. The insulation has outstanding resistance to abrasion, cut-through, low and high temperatures, petrochemical fluids, sunlight,and moisture. The material also has excellent flame retardance, acid gas, and electrical characteristics. Due to Rock-Tuff's 125°C temperature rating, ampacity levels are higher. This leads to important benefits regarding size, weight, tray fill, and ease of installation.

  • Wide Size Range (#18 AWG-1111 MCM) (1.0 mm2-560 mm2)
  • Single and Multiconductor — Up to 91 Conductors
  • Flexible Stranding — Tinned Copper Conductors — ASTM B33, B8 and  B172
  • Irradiation Crosslinked Polyolefin (Exane®) Insulation
  • Free Stripping without Separator over  Strand
  • High Energy Irradiation Process. Produces Thermoset Insulation Able to Withstand Thermal Overloads
  • Heavy Duty Arctic Grade Neoprene Jacket per ICEA S-95-658
  • Wide Temperature Range -55°C to 125°C
  • Passes Cold Bend at -55°C, and Cold Impact  at -40°C
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Highly Flame Retardant (VW-1, IEEE-383, IEEE1202, FT-4, IEC 332-3 Cat. A)
  • Excellent Moisture Resistance
  • Superior Oil and Chemical Resistance
  • Superior Abrasion, Crush & High Temperature Cut Thru Resistance
  • Easy to Handle During Installation
  • Resistant to Oilfield Drilling Muds

Exane Rock-Tuff

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