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TK Distributors carry electrical equipment for the harshest of environments, able to withstand extreme operating conditions such as high temperature, radiation, moisture, corrosive atmospheres, and have high crush and impact resistance, and flame retardancy, for the mining, oil, marine, and transport industries.

TK Distributors are the EXCLUSIVE distributor for the ROCK-TUFF range of Exane Cable.. Including Rock-Tuff, Rock-Flex & Super-Flex cable.. Rock-Tuff Cable is available in 11 different colours & all are in stock NOW, in 14AWG, 16AWG and 18AWG. We also stock a wide range of multi-core, braided, armoured and sheathed cable.

TK Distributors have teamed up with KOEHLER Lighting Products. Koehler Lighting Products have been servicing the mining industry for over a century.

TK Distributors pride ourselves on our problem solving ability where your cable requirements are concerned. We have the ability to manufacture to meet your needs. We aim to provide you with exceptional customer service, ensuring swift deliveries to minimise your downtime, close and personal communication to ensure the best possible match of product to environment.

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